• When is the day of the student in Mexico 2019?

    The Student's day in Mexico is celebrated every year on May 23th. The origin of this day takes place in the year 1929, when a group of students decided to protest on behalf of university autonomy, thanks to this impulse, today there is the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
  • The history of the taco (where and how was born the Mexican icon)

    Finally, in the City of Mexico, born tacos Al pastor - the undisputed adaptation of the Mexican palate Arabic shawarma-. In the Decade of the 60's, during a great Lebanese migration to Mexico, attempted to recreate the foreign dish, however had to resort to marinate and change the type of meat according to the ingredients available in the city. 

    Teacher's day is a holiday that honors the work of Mexican teachers and professors. The first commemoration of the teacher day took place in 1918, in Mexico, the Decree was signed by President Venustiano Carranza.
  • The history of Mother's day

    In the United States, the first suggestion for the creation of the mother's day took place by the 19th century, when the writer Julia Ward Howe organized a meeting of mothers dedicated to peace in Boston.
  • What is celebrated on May 5 in Mexico and the USA?

    This Friday marks the triumph of the Mexican army over the French invader after the battle of Puebla. May 5th marks the triumph of the Mexican army...
  • 1925: The first labor day in Mexico is celebrated officially

     After the events of a day in Chicago as today, but the year 1886 where a manifestation of workers against labour injustices that were severely rep...
  • How did the celebration of children's day in Mexico start?

    The origin of the children's day, comes from the First World War, because as a result of the havoc that left this event in Europe, thousands of chi...
  • Chocolate: Proudly of Mexican origin

    Cocoa is where originates from the nahuatl Word chocolate drink: xocolatl, being a mix of pasta, cocoa seed, butter over water, herbs and spices, leading to a very strong flavor and even bitter, but which had stimulating effects.

    And Mexico unveiled the cocoa in the world, being the Olmecs who tasted the cocoa in this form, then spread to the Aztec civilizations and Maya, and then, they gave them  the xocolatl to the Spanish conquistadors as a gift. Christopher Columbus was the first conqueror to try, some time after these, in the colony did theirs by adding sugar and many years later also combined it with milk as what we now drink when it's cold.

  • The typical Mexican candy can´t stop being eaten


    Traditional sweets are a treat that have transpired over the years, but above all to the taste of the new generations. The habit of consuming them is due to its delicious flavors that conquer us in each bite full of Mexican traditions.