Chocolate: Proudly of Mexican origin

Chocolate mexican candy box
With a little taste of Mexico, let’s talk about chocolate, that while it is consumed all over the world already as in bar, desserts and in all its varieties, we know that it is not only a pleasure, it is a food that started claiming it was a drink of the gods since aphrodisiac powers were granted to produce great vitality.
Cocoa is where originates from the nahuatl Word chocolate drink: xocolatl, being a mix of pasta, cocoa seed, butter over water, herbs and spices, leading to a very strong flavor and even bitter, but which had stimulating effects.
And Mexico unveiled the cocoa in the world, being the Olmecs who tasted the cocoa in this form, then spread to the Aztec civilizations and Maya, and then, they gave them  the xocolatl to the Spanish conquistadors as a gift. Christopher Columbus was the first conqueror to try, some time after these, in the colony did theirs by adding sugar and many years later also combined it with milk as what we now drink when it's cold.
I know, I also want a chocolate right now and hope that whenever you enjoy it you remember these cultural and historical data of the creation of the cocoa in Mexico that gave chocolate to the world. Are you ready?

The cocoa as currency of change

This is a look back at our history books, but it is always interesting to know that for civilizations, cocoa pod cost more than gold and was a symbol of abundance, this because there are legends that the cocoa was a gift from God Quetzalcoatl towards men and for the Maya was God Kukulkan who granted them in his hands.
That's why the Mayas and the Aztecs gave a great value to the cocoa and the arrival of Hernan Cortes could make negotiations with the Aztecs by barter as if it was money, but later the Spanish like the unique drink.
cocoa mexican candy box

Its medicinal properties

Hernan Cortes said to Carlos V that a cup of xocolatl was sufficient so that the soldiers would have force in a full day of march, by its natural preparation and spices that are added (the Mayas added honey) is was considered it as a medicine and by its power to give well-being is that they also saw it as an aphrodisiac and a restorative.
Once it reached Spain, (now with sugar) chocolate was prepared especially in convents but it was already consumed excessively so that also was attributed medicinal properties as people could rise in weight and those times the fatness was the best thing that could happen.
cacao mexican candy box

The Chocolate is expanding

Spain was the only one who was preparing this delight and only the high social classes had the privilege of taking it, but it was the smuggling of the Spanish Court visitors returning to Mexico who managed the chocolate to reach other countries being first France, then Italy and England which is known to some of these countries not liked so much because it was too exotic for them.
In Paris was where the first chocolate factory was created and the one from Italy was of high quality which was discovered by the Americans who also did the same; time later and with growth, this was also made in powder and many countries already prepared it in cakes and bonbons once they added milk.
chocolate cake mexican candy box

The Chocolate factory in Mexico

The first factories were found in these countries and then it was Mexico which had a chocolate factory while it was one of the foods that are most loved. Influenced by France at the time of President Porfirio DĂ­az, created chocolate tablets and other variations that were only consumed by the aristocracy and until after the Mexican Revolution, the chocolate was a common food that everyone could revel in.
chocolate mexican candy box

The cocoa producing countries

Cocoa is grown in Africa, Central America, South America and Asia and is in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ecuador and Malaysia where most occurs and only Brazil and Malaysia both not exported it since these countries already consume it.
Mexico can be a major producer of cocoa by the flattering climate we have here, but  is ranked 11th worldwide, only in Tabasco, Chiapas and Oaxaca is where most is manufactured and is intended to work strongly to make the country one of the leading producers.
If you are a lover of chocolate, you can meet the route of the cocoa in Tabasco and also participate in the Festival of Chocolate that are days devoted to this food where exhibitions, workshops for children, carry out tastings of chocolate, craft exhibitions, concerts and many other educational and cultural activities.
chocolate mexican candy box

Chocolate and health benefits

In addition to warm up with the famous chocolate of our grannies, sweeten us the palate and make us feel happy, chocolate, as thought our ancestors, is very good for our body properties, if you have fat, then you have to consume it in moderation but it contains carbohydrates, protein, minerals, vitamins and even antioxidants that being natural, prevents diseases is also still around an aphrodisiac.
Chocolate gives us energy and gives us great strength at work even when the weather gets cold, hence the recommended consumption accompanied by fruits, vegetables and healthy food and forget that this creation of the gods cause acne, is a myth! On the other hand, there are also masks chocolate that leaves you skin radiant.
chocolate mexican candy box
With all this pride, sweet and full of energy I hope that the culture of chocolate continues to grow in our country supporting producing states, now I leave these phrases of just how far this food of the gods has attributed to our state of mind and life itself:
  • Chocolate is the answer, nobody cares what was the question.
  • There is no evil that one hundred years lasts, or shame that chocolate does not cure.
  • Things clear and chocolate thick. Spanish proverb
  • “Chocolate makes everyone smile, even the bankers”. Bennevile Strohecker
  • Life is like a box of chocolates (never know what is going to play). Forrest Gump
  • Chocolate do not turn to the world, but insurance that makes the trip worthwhile.

chocolate mexican candy box


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