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Teacher’s day is a holiday that honors the work of Mexican teachers and professors. The first commemoration of the teacher day took place in 1918, in Mexico, the Decree was signed by President Venustiano Carranza.

History of the day of the teacher

Mexican teacher picture

The proposal intended that it is instituted a day in tribute to the teachers and as of May 15th, date commemorative of the taking of Queretaro.

The initiative was approved in 1917, and a year later was held for the first time is date.

This various celebration day according to the nations, but the world day, instituted by UNESCO, is celebrated on October 5th.

The Inter-American Conference of education (held in Panama in 1943) recommended celebrate Panamerican teacher’s day on September 11th (death of the educator and Argentine President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento).

Why is it celebrated on May 15?

In addition to commemorate the taking of Querétaro, to answer this question we should locate a central character in the history of religious education: San Juan Bautista de La Salle, who was a priest and innovative French pedagogue, who devoted his life to form teachers, destined to the education of the children of artisans and poor children of the time.

Thus, holding teachers also is commemorated on May 15th because that day, but in 1950, he was declared a special patron of all educators of children and youth and universal patron of educators by Pope Pius XII (1876-1958).

José Vasconcelos, an exemplary teacher.

One of the most prominent educators of Mexico is the Oaxacan José Vasconcelos, named Doctor Honoris Causa by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and by those of Chile, Guatemala and other Latin American Nations.

professor Jose Vasconcelos

He was also a member of El Colegio Nacional and the Mexican Academy of language. The master of America was called and each May 15 is the recognition that bears his name, the outstanding educators of the country.