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1925: The first labor day in Mexico is celebrated officially

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After the events of a day in Chicago as today, but the year 1886 where a manifestation of workers against labour injustices that were severely repressed gave rise to the so-called “revolt of Haymarket”, the date became key to the workers, who agreed to set it as a day of protest and rights.

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Such were the beginnings of the international labor day, while in Mexico, the commemoration was established years later.

It was in 1913 when the labor day in Mexico, was held for the first time with the organization of a parade involving workers who demanded respect for their rights.

In 1923, when Alvaro Obregon was President of the country, it was that it was agreed that May 1st, he would set as the labor day in Mexico; However, it was not until 1925, when the President Plutarco Elias Calles established the celebration officially.