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🏰 The Battle of Chapultepec


he Battle of Chapultepec was an armed conflict on September 13, 1847 between Mexicans and Americans, which occurred because the latter argued that their territory had been invaded by Mexicans, and that they should defend their spaces by advancing in troops, invading and penetrating in the territory, this time definitively. In this conflict there was the so-called “Martyrdom of the Children Heroes of Chapultepec” event.

Chapultepec castle

About Chalpultec Castle

The Americans denounced that the Mexicans had invaded their territory in the Texas area, after the Americans had won the territory and had signed treaties and agreements to establish this territory as of the United States of America, however, the Mexicans had advanced , and they had troops still in San Blas and a military school in the city near Chapultepec Hill.

When there were several clashes in the passage, and after the invasions and victories in Pademia and Molino de Rey, in addition to Churubusco, there was a place that would be the last Aztec bastion in the Texas area: Chapultepec Hill, where it was located the military school with at least 50 young students and a few other former combatants from previous wars.

Eternal struggles for the territory for more than 30 years, between Americans and Mexicans. those who lived during the colony in the territory of Texas, but who unfortunately left the place that was later invaded, and won in battles, combats and in the war of 47. The loss of this territory, although it had already become independent, was not good. assimilated by those who lost it, the Mexicans continued trying to recover what they had lost historically, being defeated by the Americans.

Event Development

On September 12, 1847, the Battle of Chapultepec was fought , between an American army with thousands of men against a group of approximately 100 Mexicans, between small troops that advanced and those that remained in the territory, some cadets who died in fights while trying to stay to defend what they believed was their territory.

Virtually all casualties were attributed to Mexican troops, although the Americans also lost their lives, never comparable to Mexicans who lost their lives in battle on the slopes of Chapultepec Hill, near Mexico City.

On the day of the battle, the American army advanced and attacked from the north, while another part of the American troop penetrated the capital of Mexico from the Port of Veracruz. The Mexicans were surrounded and bombed throughout the day in their line of defense, where most of the Mexicans who were in the field died, at the foot of Chapultepec Hill.

Also present was the day of the battle the battalion San Blas, under the orders of Felipe Santiago Xicoténcatl. Young people between 14 and 16, later called the Martyrs or Heroes of Chapultepec, who died in the defense of their country, commanded by General Nicolás Bravo. All died in combat, that same day. The battle was won by the Americans with relative ease.

It should be noted that the young people who died in combat would have stayed in battle of their own accord, since days before, before the warned American attack, they would have been given the order to withdraw from the military school, an order given by General Mariano Monterde, but that nevertheless some did not want to comply.

Subsequent events

On September 13, at noon, Caballero Alto is under the control of the forces of the United States of America. The Mexican force, very weak, orders 40 soldiers, 4 capes and a sergeant, to attack, although it was not possible since General Monterde was taken prisoner.

Poucel, seeing all lost orders to leave the weapons on the ground, so as not to hand them over to the enemy, as a sign of pride and orders the withdrawal.

Currently Chapultepec Castle works as a museum where there are monuments to young people who fell in battle on September 12 and 13, 1847.