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The history of Mother’s day

happy mothers day in mexico

Do you want to know why we celebrate mother’s day?

The oldest celebration of Mother’s day is mythological. It started in the old Greece, the festivities in honor of Rhea, the mother of the gods Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto.

At the beginning of the 17th century, England began to dedicate the fourth Sunday of the lent to mothers charges. On this day they were dispensed from their work so that they could stay at home with their children and their mothers. On this day called ‘Sunday to serve the mother’, is celebrating with the preparation of a cake.

The true story of the mother’s day

mothers day in Mexico

In the United States, the first suggestion for the creation of the mother’s day took place by the 19th century, when the writer Julia Ward Howe organized a meeting of mothers dedicated to peace in Boston. Starting from there, to fight for the honor  of mothers, Anna Jarvis, took it at the beginning of the 20th century, in a small town in the State of West Virginia.

Accompanied by a group of friends, Anna began a movement to establish a day in which all children could pay tribute to their mothers.

That fight helped you out of a deep depression due to the death of his mother, and in a short time the celebration became nationwide, making the President Wilson make official the Mother’s day as a national holiday, being held every second Sunday of the month of May.

With time, others countries, started to do the celebration. The main idea of Anna Javis was to strengthen family ties and respect for parents. A dream realized.

But over time, the celebration was losing consciousness for her. The popularity of the party made with that date turned into a lucrative for traders day, mainly for them selling white carnations, the flower that symbolizes the maternity.

Anna Javis, who spent virtually all his life fighting so that people recognize the importance and the value of mothers, entered with a process to cancel the day of the mother, but did not succeed. ‘No I didn’t created mother’s day to have profit,’ she said furious to a reporter, in 1923.

She died in 1948, at the age of 84. She received commemorative cards from around the world for years, but did not feel what was to be a mother.

mothers day

Celebration of mother’s day in other countries

Not all countries celebrate Mother’s day on the same day. In the majority of European countries tribute is paid moms the first Sunday in May, and in countries of Latin America, the date also varies.

In Mexico, for example, is on May 10th. Mexicans decided to this date due to the instance of the journalist Rafael Alducín in the newspaper “Excélsior” on April 13, 1922. On May 10th of that year was celebrated for the first time the party.

In Nicaragua, for another case, was chosen on May 30th because on that date was the birthday of Casimira Sacasa, mother of the spouse of Anastasio Somoza, then President of this country in the Decade of the 1940s.

On the other hand, in Argentina held it the third Sunday of October. But the most important thing is not date, but the recognition and the memory of the value of all mothers.