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Mexican Candy Box

The typical Mexican candy can´t stop being eaten

Traditional sweets are a treat that have transpired over the years, but above all to the taste of the new generations. The habit of consuming them is due to its delicious flavors that conquer us in each bite full of Mexican traditions.

Joys (alegrías)

Made with seeds of amaranth, honey, raisins or nuts. These treats are an icon of Xochimilco, because that’s where this fruit is grown and become these sticks that they bring great energy.

Mexican candie alegrias joy


There are guava, pear, pumpkin or tejocote and is based on the recipe for quince ate. This sweet came to Mexico in the Viceroyalty. Served with a slice of cheese and you prepare them differently depending on the area of the country.

ate Mexican candy

Drunks (borrachitos)

They are made of flour, milk and are have wine in it(envinados). They have a cover of sugar and were born thanks to the nuns who in colonial times, made candy in their convents to give to their benefactors as a sign of gratitude.

borrachitos drunks

Toasted peanuts (garampiñados)

This sweet cover is achieved through the investment of the sugar, meaning when it crystallizes but is impregnated on the peanut butter. To make it is required peeled peanuts, sugar and vanilla extract, which helps achieve a crispy texture.

toasted peanuts photo


These sweets are prepared with a mass of grated coconut and milk baking. In 2009, the Cocada largest in the world, which measured 20 meters was held in Tecolutla, Veracruz.

cocadas picture Mexican candy


Made of burnt milk and walnut, the glories are known to be originating in Linares, Nuevo León sweets. Its name is the granddaughter of its creator was called as well.

glories picture sweet candy from Mexico


Originally from the States in the North of the country, this sweet is usually, light brown because it is made with milk and is garnished with chopped Pecans.

jaboncillo sweet candy


Meringues are made with egg whites from egg, sugar, cornstarch and vanilla essence, are typical of the fairs and represent part of the popular culture of the country. Always find the seller on the street taking them accommodated in their baskets.

merengues meringues


They originate in Huamantla, Tlaxcala and are made with flour, water, butter, salt and anise. A muegano consists of various parts of this mass, which is baked and covered by a honey made with brown sugar and cinnamon.

mueganos picture

Crowbars (palanquetas)

They are commonly are made of peanuts, though they can also be prepared with pumpkin seeds, which integrates them with sesame seeds, walnuts and raisins. They are covered by a honey brown sugar which makes them harden.

crowbars palanquetas candy


These candies are made based on wafers of bright colors that are decorated with a blend of caramel on its shore Massif (made with piloncillo cones) and pumpkin seed.

pepitorias sweet candy from Mexico


In casseroles, jars, spoons, bags with chili or sweet, the tamarind are a delirium that eats bits that melt in the mouth.

tamarindo tamarinds