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¿What is celebrated on May 5 in Mexico and the USA?

This Friday marks the triumph of the Mexican army over the French invader after the battle of Puebla.

May 5th marks the triumph of the Mexican army over the French invader after the Battle of Puebla. A date that is more celebrated in the United States than in Mexico , where many believe that celebrates Mexican independence. But this year, Trump has used it to make a new concrete platform to migrants. For the first time in 16 years the President of USA has absent from the celebration.

The unexpected victory

The morning of 5 may 1862 in Puebla (Mexico Central) began a battle in which the Mexican Army (about 2,000 soldiers and about 2,700 armed civilians) faced the French armed forces, one of the most experienced on the planet in that historical moment, but strategies not adapted to the terrain. The Gallic army had advanced in the last four months from the shores of Veracruz with the intention of invading Mexico, after the non-payment of 80 million dollars in debt. The battle of Puebla lasted all day and the Mexicans were winners, for the first time since the French had entered the territory. “National weapons have been covered in glory”. The French troops behaved courageously in combat and their Chief pride, folly and stupidity, wrote the man in front of Mexican troops: general Ignacio Zaragoza.

The fight in the forts of Loreto and Guadalupe

5th may puebla Mexico

The battle of Puebla is the prelude to the invasion of Mexico City. The importance of the clash between both armies was the proximity of Puebla with the capital of the country (150 km).

The army of Mexico bet in the forts of Loreto and Guadalupe, a construction military nestled on a hill to the North of the city. From there they could see the advance of French troops–some 6,000 soldiers – while Mexicans just reached 5,000 troops.

The Mexicans won, but the French army returned a year later, the national army defeated and took Mexico City on June 10, 1863. They stayed there until 1866.


A general against an Earl

The leader of the battle between Mexican forces was general Ignacio Zaragoza, who had by his side to Porfirio Diaz, which then would be President of Mexico, to design the strategy of attack against the French. Zaragoza and Diaz were prominent military with brilliant careers in the armed forces.

The Gallic army was under the command of Ferdinand Letrille, count of Lorencez, who had reported to Napoleón III that would be soon with the city of Mexico because his army was “superior race, organization, discipline, morality, and elevation of feelings” .

The celebrations

Every may 5 commemorating the Battle of Puebla with a military and civilian parade in the city of Puebla. Mexican President participates and becomes magazine armed forces who come to commemorate the date. The Mexican army also makes a representation of the battle in the military field in that city. The celebration has spread to the United States, where certain groups of Puebla take advantage to do parades and concerts that celebrate their Mexican origin with typical food and mariachis.

The Piñatas and, above all, mayonnaise

Las Piñatas, so popular in Mexico, have adapted to the times and to this date. Images of pots of mayonnaise (or mayonnaise), especially Hellmann´s, and tacos served in social networks, to greet and celebrate the day.

All a lexical error or a play on words: cinco de mayo at Spanish sounds in the ears Anglo-Saxons (and read it and pronounced in the United States) as a sink of may something like “mayonnaise sinks”, a sauce, on the other hand, very appreciated by the Mexicans. And the joke is complete with the story that the Titanic sank with 12,000 jars of Hellmann’s mayonnaise inside that had been shipped to Veracruz if the luxury liner had come to its destination in New York in 1912.