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📚 When is the day of the student in Mexico?

The Student’s day in Mexico is celebrated every year on May 23th. The origin of this day takes place in the year 1929, when a group of students decided to protest on behalf of university autonomy, thanks to this impulse, today there is the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

They protest despite the aggression suffered at the hands of the police, within the perimeter of the School of Law on May 23th, for this reason the students decided to request that this day, be remembered forever as the student day also claimed that the Plaza Santo Domingo of the City of Mexico is called Plaza 23 de Mayo or Student Plaza.

students day in Mexico

Since then it has been celebrated this day as a reminder in favor of a more open and participatory education and by all those who have struggled to get it and keep it.

If you want to celebrate this Student’s day, we bring you some tips:

  • In memory of all the students who suffered during these protests, always seeking to strive to the utmost in your studies, is good to consider that your knowledge is a source of wisdom for you, but also become a contribution important to your family and society of which you are part.
  • Stay open, participatory, and willingness to change things in your school.
  • Both your education and those who will come behind you depends on the effort and willingness to put the students to make learning successful.

How to celebrate the day of the student in Mexico

As we have already mentioned above, the objective of this celebration is to show that education should be much more open and participatory, that students should be agents actors in the management of the educational model, taking a key role in the taking of decisions, to do this:

  • At several sites held commemorative events, so stay informed anywhere on the largest number of students and sees congregate to celebrate with them.
  • If you prefer, some groups often perform demonstrations and protests at a more political level.
  • Universities usually have meetings, exhibitions and meetings between students.